Dragonstone Herbals Ingredients

With the exception of a preservative (necessary to keep some products pure ... no one wants to open a jar only to find mold growing!) and the occasional use of a commercial thickener (usually Polysorbate 20) when needed, only food grade, organic ingredients go into the Dragonstone Herbals products.

In addition to organic (and Free Trade whenever possible) herbs, high quality oils and butters are used as well as pure waxes to create the proper consistency ... and we never use any GMO ingredients. While this tends to cause some of our products to be a bit on the pricey side, we feel that compromising quality for price isnít acceptable when it comes to caring for your body.

When a scent is desired, we prefer to use pure essential oils in our herbal creations. Occasionally fragrance oils will be used when needed for a particular scent combination but you can be assured that any fragrance oils used will only be used in our bath or lotion body products (we will never use them in facial products or our salves or rubs) and will be the highest quality available.

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