Energetic Healing

What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic Healing is a wonderful non-invasive means to help your body heal itself. Scientists and medical professionals may argue whether or not our bodies have the ability to self-heal, but I think the placebo effect is a direct illustration that we can and do heal ourselves.

While the direct effects of energetic healing modalities may not be measurable, that doesn’t speak to whether or not they actually work. I know from personal experience that energetic methods can help us heal.

The concept of Energetic Healing can be likened to acupuncture.  When visiting an acupuncturist, s/he determines where the energy blockages exist and place the needles to break the blockage up and reinstate the flow of energy within the body.

There are no needles or other tools needed with Energetic Healing.  The practitioner has been trained to feel the energy directly and clear the blockage without needing to touch the client.  In fact, Energetic Healing can be done without even being in the same room.  Distance healing works just as well as an office visit.

An Energetic Healing session consists of the healer/practitioner clearing the energetic pathways in the energetic body to promote the optimum flow of energy.  This supports the physical body in its efforts to heal itself.

The process during each session is soothing and relaxing … one just sits or lies in a quiet room allowing the healer to work with their energy.  The client may feel sensations during the session (I sometimes feel a “pulling” when negative energy is removed), may feel “floaty” and lightheaded, or may feel nothing.

Emotions or images may come up during the session, or the healer may intuit emotional distress, symbols, or other visual signals.  It is frequently helpful to discuss any emotions or images that may come up during the session but it’s not required.  You can feel free to share anything with me ... as a member of the IARP I follow their code of ethics. This includes protecting your privacy ... just like you expect with any medical professional, any conversations between healer and client are strictly confidential.

Will Energetic Healing work with other healing methods?

Yes! Energetic healing is compatible with all other healing modalities. When used in combination with energetic healing, some healing methods can even be more effective. Energetic healing is excellent to use before and after surgery as a means to reduce the effects of energetic trauma and maximize the healing potential of your body. Energetic healing complements all other forms of healing including: Chiropractic, Medical treatments, Surgery, Medications, Psychological treatments, Massage, or Physical Therapy.  Regular clearing of your energetic pathways reduces the effects of stress and supports and enhances the effects of other healing modalities.

Can Energetic Healing help animals?

Yes! Energetic healing can help our animal companions too! Companion animals frequently will attempt to take on their human partner’s stress, causing an imbalance in their own bodies. Helping to keep your pet’s energy flowing means a healthier friend.

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