Balance is very important in our lives.  If we canít maintain balance in all areas we can end up completely out of whack energetically, emotionally, and/or physically.  Too much stress that isnít effectively managed leads to energy blockages in the energetic body.  Whether dealing with the Chakras or Meridians, this essentially means the flow of energy through your energetic body is impeded ... or stopped altogether.

This can lead to physical manifestations of stress ... back pain, problems sleeping, headaches, digestive problems, and a host of other issues.  Energetic healing methods (acupuncture, Reiki, etc) can be an excellent complement to meditation, yoga, exercise, and other healing methods and helps to provide the best chance to stay in balance.  By removing some (if not all) of the negative energies and stress in your energetic body itís easier to maintain the necessary balance.

Part of my balance is to minimize the use of chemicals in products I use daily.  Through my Dragonstone Herbals line I am able to share my love of herbal preparations with like-minded people ... and to offer products that are as pure and natural as possible to those who prefer Natureís remedies to those cooked up in a laboratory.  Truly natural products are difficult to find and some of them are incredibly expensive.

After being frustrated in the search for a reasonably priced line of high quality herbal products, the only solution seemed to be to find the time to create my own.  I shared some of these with friends and family and got some pretty enthusiastic feedback.  I was encouraged to share with the general public ... and Dragonstone Herbals was created.

Healing Through Balance was created to share Reiki with those who need help maintaining their own balance and this shop is the medium that will allow me to share both my energy work and my herbal concoctions with many people who arenít close enough to visit in person.

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