Astrological Charts and Reports

There are a number of theories as to why astrology is effective at identifying specific personality traits in individuals, and while I donít believe that we need to know (or have concrete proof of) the exact mechanism, Iím personally fond of the neutrino explanation ... something to the effect of neutrinos that pass through your body as your born depositing energy from stars and planets near your sun sign constellation.

There are a number of places one can get generic information (such as the popular daily horoscope columns or websites) on the signs in general, but obtaining detailed information can be complicated to do yourself or expensive to have someone else compile. Iíve been doing natal charts for over 30 years and provide a detailed report along with a full color chart for each item described below.

Whether you want a deeper look into yourself or a desire to better understand the dynamics of your relationship with another person or life partner, the reports I prepare are highly detailed and full of insight. All reports include a color chart with the planetary locations and aspects shown on the chart.

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