Light Language Grids

Using sacred geometric shapes and colors, this method of dealing with energies has been passed down through the Mayans and their descendants. Most of the shapes used are complex hybrid shapes based on the platonic solids found in sacred geometry ... the sphere, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, cube, and pyramid. These shapes are placed in a grid that sets up a very specific energy flow that is in line with the intent set by the client.

Depending on the type of grid, there are either 7 or 12 spaces in each column and row. Each grid creates an energetic flow in a specific pattern that cleanses and modifies the energy in your aura to help you effect positive change in your life. They donít do the work for you, but are an extra tool that can be used to assist with making changes.

Once an intent is identified, I use my intuition and ability to sense energies to create the flow needed to manifest the positive change you want to make. Each grid I create is unique to you and the intent behind its creation. Once Iíve created the grid and its accompanying service grid, I will activate both and provide you with copies.

The only thing you need to do is to continue to work on what you can regarding the issue at hand (for instance, if youíre wanting better communication with others, keep at your efforts). The grids donít do the work, they just support the change you want and help set a flow in your energy to allow you to more easily make it happen. I have been writing these grids for over a year and am always amazed at how powerful they are.

Please note that these grids can take up to 3 weeks to generate (especially the intermediate and advanced grids) once I have all the information needed.

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