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The real deal!

Tuesday 06 May, 2014

Diana at An Illuminated Path is the real deal! Her distance sessions got me through last summer when I was bedridden with a debilitating mystery illness that the doctors and specialists were unable to diagnose. I was so weak I could barely move and suffered day and night from numbness and twitching all over my body as well as other very uncomfortable neurological symptoms. It was such a horribly scary time because no one seemed able to help me and I had no energy to take care of myself. When Diana did my first session, she found my chakras were all almost entirely shut down. I did not begin to see any improvement in my symptoms until I had my first session with Diana. I was skeptical that a distance session would do much to help when multiple local doctors were unable to do anything, but I believe now it was what allowed me to get through the summer and started my healing process. After a few sessions with Diana, I felt much more hopeful and grounded. I had more energy and felt like I was finally making progress in the right direction. I was amazed that Diana was able to correctly identify the areas in my body were I was having symptoms or problems. For example, she stated she was seeing there was a problem with my bone marrow. Later I learned that my ferritin was very low and this important protein is responsible for iron storage in the bone marrow. Today, I am back on my feet and almost 100% recovered from my health crisis. I now view Reiki as a wonderful tool for healing that can and should be used alongside other more traditional types of medicine on a regular basis to keep a person balanced and in their best health. I highly recommend Reiki sessions through An Illuminated Path—Diana is such a wonderful caring healer!
Testimonial By: Lauren

Love the Muscle Rub!

Saturday 22 June, 2013

The muscle rub is joining the healing salve as "must-haves" in my dance bag. I expected to be stiff and sore this morning after four hours of dance workshops yesterday, but I put the rub on before I went to bed last night, and this morning I feel more than ready for Day 2 of workshops! Thank you, Dragonstone!
Testimonial By: Chris

Love DSH!

Thursday 20 June, 2013

I have tried many of the Dragonstone Herbals products and love them all. Between the luscious scents on the bath products and the high quality herbal remedies, I'm a huge fan!
Testimonial By: Tracey

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